act out your favorite movie scenes

say stuff in blue

do stuff in pink

Become Your Favorite Characters

KaraokeTV is a fun game where you act out scenes from your favorites movies. Your smartphone acts as a teleprompter, your computer plays a video that sets the mood.

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KaraokeTV works like karaoke, but instead of singing pop songs, you act out short scenes from movies and television shows with your friends, using smartphones as teleprompters.

All you need is a computer, access to the internet, and a couple of hammy friends with smart phones.

Networked applications display video content on one screen, and text synched to that video on mobile devices. Participants recite lines and perform physical actions, interacting with each other and characters and effects on screen.

A catalog of episodes, containing quotable scenes from movies and television shows, original stories starring famous characters, and totally original content, is maintained online, and users can contribute to it.